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Say Yes to Electric Actuation

May 24, 2023
When an Actuator Fails, the Stakes Are High

When an Actuator Fails, the Stakes Are High

It could be ‘no big deal’, or your entire operation might shut down, potentially costing millions of dollars in lost productivity. “When customers ask about our electric actuation capabilities, we have a lot to say,” according to Todd Langston, Valve & Equipment Business Leader. “It’s a given that we offer best-in-class products, but we are also part of an extensive network, and have exceptionally talented local technicians. Together, this makes Scallon Controls truly unique and special.”

Scallon Controls offers the latest generation of electric actuators with smart features such as data logging and Bluetooth™ communications for preventive assessment and maintenance. Not only do we have products quickly available from our vast local inventory and Emerson Impact Partner network, but we also have reliable, highly qualified technicians available 24/7/365.

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