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Valve Improvement Think Tank<br>Becomes a Best Practice Valve Improvement Think Tank<br>Becomes a Best Practice
Scallon-Customer Partnership Reinvents<br>Valve Maintenance Process

Scallon-Customer Partnership Reinvents
Valve Maintenance Process

You may refer to a “Think Tank” as some type of research or policy institute; however, when the concept is applied to valve troubleshooting and repairs, the approach can be a game changer—resulting in significant returns, such as improved safety, lower costs, improved reliability, and more.

This particular “Think Tank” was the brainchild of one of Scallon Controls’ customers whose goal was to invent a “Valve Improvement Team” that included the right individuals—namely representatives from the corporate office, instrument inspectors, and engineers, as well as Scallon Controls—because they had access to the customer’s valve history in addition to local knowledge, having worked at this facility for decades. One requirement of including Scallon was for them to be vendor neutral, since not all of the instruments are Emerson brands.

The Team’s first agenda item was to create a set of control valve repair standards, including how to continually improve this process. Next, they developed a “Problem Request Form” which anyone in the plant can fill out and submit. Review of these forms are the basis for twice-a-month meetings to address underperforming equipment. Initially, about 10 control systems engineers and inspectors were involved with the program. Now, two years into the program, reliability engineers, process engineers, and other personnel plant-wide are submitting these forms, and the program is reaching 60-80 people at this refinery alone.

"Through the process itself—that of identifying the type of problem as well as the cost, production loss, and impact—we can properly prioritize our projects. It also provides the opportunity to include all the right people involved from the start. We’ve also implemented a tracking system to better quantify how much we’re saving once the problem has been resolved."

- Senior Manager of Engineering & Technology

Furthermore, the most helpful and impactful pieces of information are details about the process conditions, which most likely have changed over time. In fact, this information is one significant way that Scallon Controls contributes its knowledge and expertise to the Team. For example, if run rates have increased and process conditions have changed, the same valve that was specified 10 years ago is completely inadequate. It may require an entirely different solution in order to maintain safety and improve reliability—let alone work at all! Eliminating inaccurate or outdated process information enables Scallon to design the valves properly and provide the best solution.

Why Scallon Controls

We have the specification tools and engineering acumen to get you the right product—as long as we have current and accurate information.

From the customers’ side, it could be safety, higher reliability, or less downtime, but regardless, you’ll save money. Your equipment will run efficiently and you’ll have better production because you’ll have the right valve in place.

We can show you good, better, and best options for your application, and present valid reasons for making a particular selection.

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