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Electric Actuation Electric Actuation

When an Actuator Fails, the Stakes Are High.
Say Yes to Electric Actuation.

Actuators play a critical role in often the most demanding environments. Due to high-performance application, age, installation, or other factors, these devices may pose a significant risk to your plant’s infrastructure, safety, productivity, and uptime. Why take on the risk?
Scallon Controls offers the latest generation of electric actuators with smart features such as data logging and Bluetooth™ communications for preventive assessment and maintenance. Not only do we have products quickly available from our vast local inventory and Emerson Impact Partner network, but we also have reliable, highly qualified technicians available 24/7/365.

Take a Deeper Look Into Our Scallon Controls Advantage for Electric Actuation:

All Brands
Our ability to service any brand is imperative to adequately support our customers. We are well-versed in Bettis™ and EIM as Emerson brands, but also Limitorque®, and Rotork, which we frequently see at our customer sites.
Rapid Response
Available 24/7/365; our team of trained technicians with parts on the truck (and most likely familiar with your facility) are on-site within 48 hours to address most problems quickly. We use an on-call list and are nimble, unlike other out-of-town providers.
Abundant Inventory
We have an extensive parts and replacement inventory locally, in addition to access to a much, much larger inventory through the Emerson network of Impact Partners—and the Emerson factory right here in Texas!
Highly Qualified
Some customers may not have enough qualified technicians to work with electric actuation; our team is highly qualified, factory-trained, familiar with your facility, and available. When you meet them, you’ll understand the Scallon Controls advantage.
Environmentally Aware
In our business and yours, guidance and regulations are constantly updated. Regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey, the desire is to reduce emissions as much as possible. With electric actuators there are zero emissions.

Highlighted Products

<span style="color:#00488e;">‘The Reliable Workhorse'</span>
‘The Reliable Workhorse'
Bettis M2CP Electric Valve Actuator
These robust actuators have proven themselves time and again across a wide range of applications in the most demanding environments, like yours. Learn more.
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<span style="color:#00488e;">‘Sophisticated, Programmable, & Customized’</span>
‘Sophisticated, Programmable, & Customized’
Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator
Diagnostics for preventative maintenance, data logging capability for trending, double-sealed terminal board, Bluetooth™ communications interface, and an absolute encoder. Learn more.
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<span style="color:#00488e;">‘Smart, Fail-safe, & Application Specific’</span>
‘Smart, Fail-safe, & Application Specific’
 Bettis RTS FL Fail-Safe Linear Electric Valve Actuator
A mechanical, fail-safe electric actuator—unheard of! These technologically advanced actuators are designed to increase operational safety, improve plant productivity, minimize downtime. Learn more.
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