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Pump Application Pump Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Plantweb Insight Pump application offers indepth monitoring of fixed-speed pumps by providing an aggregated view into the health of all assets. Status and alerts are calculated by pre-built algorithms based on years of experience and industry-vetted analytics.

The predictive diagnostics and alert weights of this solution enable better prioritization of pump maintenance, allowing users to mitigate recordable incidents and quickly identify any assets requiring attention.

Increase Visibility

Using a multi-measurement approach, continuous pump monitoring and analysis offers you greater visibility into your process and equipment conditions.

Reduce Costs

Wireless capability easily integrates with your existing systems and provides a cost-effective approach for missing measurement points.

Be Proactive

Predictive diagnostics and  analytic tools allow for preventive maintenance and prioritization.
Impact of Pump Failures
  • Statistically, pumps will fail or suffer degraded operation every
    12 months.*
  • Pump failures can cause process upsets and downtime, taking hours or days to recover to normal operations.
  • Reactive maintenance results in 50% higher costs than preventative maintenance.**
  • Poor equipment reliability impacts HSSE in the form of safety incidents, regulatory fines and process shut downs.
Comprehensive Monitoring for Enhanced Visibility
  • Seal Monitoring conforms to API Standard 682 for pressure and level solutions.
  • Strainer Monitoring utilizes differential pressure across the strainer to identify plugging.
  • Cavitation Monitoring offers statistical analysis of process and vibration data to detect cavitation.
  • Vibration Monitoring provides early indication of vibration faults.
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