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Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning
Enable Proactive Decision Making Through Actionable Knowledge and Insights

Enable Proactive Decision Making Through Actionable Knowledge and Insights

Plantweb Optics Analytics is an out-of-the-box process data analytics software that collects and interprets operational data and information scattered across the plants, eliminating the need for gathering, analyzing, and reasoning over data and information from control systems, databases, plant applications, and operation procedures.  

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Plantweb Optics Analytics can detect abnormal behaviour of process and assets in real time and predict future performance. This shortens the decision-making process, preventing further performance deviation and safety issues while maximizing plant efficiency.

Transform and analyze operational and manufacturing data.

Using libraries of advanced statistical and machine-learning algorithms, the Plantweb Optics Analytics can convert large quantities of diverse information technology and operational technology data into actionable knowledge that drives real-time decisions to improve process and asset performance.

Machine Learning

Capture and mimic plant behavior to predict failures and recognize operating modes.

Descriptive Modeling

Enhance process behavior understanding by identifying key variables and relationships.

Graphical Environment

Use an intuitive and user-friendly environment with drag-and-drop graphics.

Time Series

Transform time series data and analyze behavior for trends, seasons, and correlations.


Use embedded tools for efficient data visualization such as plots and charts.

Predictive Modeling

Predict system behavior using hybrid models and combining multiple techniques.


Identify the best values of an objective function to maximize productivity and optimize costs.

Automated Workflow

Build and automate sequential processes made of data analysis, learning, clustering, and modeling.

Exploration Tools

Explore data for cleaning, sampling, smoothing, correlation, and more.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize patterns and detect regularities in data.
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Applications: Plantweb Optics Analytics


Automatic Identification of Plant Operating Modes & States

Plantweb Optics Analytics combines clustering methods with classification and modelling to build expert rules. These expert rules can be deployed online to automatically identify plant operating modes or to detect and predict abnormal situations.


Asset Performance Modelling

Plantweb Optics Analytics allows modelling the performance of the asset as a function of key process inputs. This model might be used to identify the reference performance curve to be used to identify performance gaps.

KPI Dynamic Targeting

Plantweb Optics Analytics offers methods to set dynamic targets that consider process behaviour in terms of operating modes, equipment availability, valves line-ups, special process scenarios, and others.



Based on the system configuration, Plantweb Optics Analytics provides users with appropriate configuration for an optimal system performance and reduced downtime.


Sensor Validation

Plantweb Optics Analytics includes a sensor validation module that allows flagging the faulty sensors and validating the values. In addition, Plantweb Optics Analytics enables determining soft sensors for complex measurements such as analyzers or labs.
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