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Inline Corrosion Application Inline Corrosion Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Roxar ™ Electrical Resistance (ER) probe / Roxar Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) probe and Roxar wireless transmitter feed the Plantweb Insight Inline Corrosion
application with data (metal loss and corrosion rate).

The software then calculates insights such as corrosion rate trends, corrosivity of fluid indication levels, electrical resistance (ER) probe expected life-span, and battery status.

Increase Visibility

Continuous online corrosion monitoring enables users to remotely view corrosion rate readings and corrosion trends in order to stay updated on changing field conditions.
An intuitive heatmap is displayed with intelligence on corrosivity of fluid levels per tag, based on the NACE® standard.

Improved Workplace Safety

With remote monitoring you reduce time spent on data collection, thus minimizing your time spent in hazardous areas. It also reduces the need for site adaptations
(scaffolding, etc.).

Improve Efficiency

Quickly identify changes in the corrosivity behavior of the process fluid and improve response time for required mitigation.

Meet Challenges with Increased Process Insight

  • Uncontrolled internal corrosion may
    lead to catastrophic accidents.
  • Traditional corrosion monitoring systems require pre-defined chemical injection rates that are often not correctly tuned with the actual corrosion rate, leading to additional cost and stock of chemicals.
  • Data from traditional corrosion monitoring systems is difficult to interpret and often require a dedicated corrosion specialist to analyze and provide an action plan.
  • Continuous internal corrosion monitoring helps prevent potential risks of material failure.
  • Real-time monitoring contributes to the optimal consumption of chemicals, as well as extend equipment life, by implementing corrosion control before damage takes place.
  • The application provides a userfriendly interface that displays already engineered values, including a unique heatmap, which assists with faster and simpler decision-making.
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