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Made in The Great State<br>of Texas Made in The Great State<br>of Texas

This terminal facility was already a customer of Scallon Controls when the mega-project was announced; however, as part of a public-private joint venture, it was open to anyone to win the bid—even though we were very familiar with both the customer site and the project.

Two key advantages allowed Scallon Controls to be selected as the vendor for valves and electric actuators. First of all, Emerson’s Vanessa valves (already known for high quality and reliable performance) are manufactured and assembled in Texas, so there was absolutely no question about inventory, shipping delays, or quality. This greatly reduced the risk for the primary contractor who won the bid, as well as its subcontractors. In addition, automation and customized fittings were done at both the Emerson facility in Sherman and at Scallon Controls’ 20-acre campus in Beaumont. Not only did the valves and actuators need to be assembled with custom brackets, a custom ten-foot stem extension was also required to allow the customer’s technicians to reach the valve assemblies from an overhead catwalk.
Bottom line: With control over the components, availability, and assembly process, we could guarantee delivery, by truck (not by freighter)—with confidence.

Emerson Vanessa Valves
Manufactured in Texas
High Quality/No Risk
Bettis Actuation
Automation at Scallon Controls
High Quality/Guaranteed Delivery
Met Customer’s Desire to Standardize
Provided by Scallon Controls
Local to the Customer Facility
Pre-, During, & Post-Project
While the bid winner’s contractor could have selected competitive valves made overseas, there would be no guarantee of delivery and quality. This could have resulted in the engineering firm not being able to meet the deadline and product performance requirements. Furthermore, how would these non-U.S. products be serviced in the future? An important question that would have had to be answered.
As an Emerson Impact Partner, Scallon Controls is part of a larger network of similar companies throughout North America. Separately and as a whole, we have a unique and close relationship with Emerson because we are the avenue to all customer-facing relationships and local support. Furthermore, the fact that Scallon Controls and the Emerson factory are both located in Texas, gave this customer the ability to sleep well at night.
Project Scope

Project Scope

  • Vanessa Series 30,000 Triple-Offset Valves
  • Bettis M2CP Electric Valve Actuators
  • Bettis G-Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator
  • Custom Stem Extensions
  • Local Service and Support

Next steps: Now considered one of the largest storage facilities in Southeast Texas, this customer is ideally positioned for continued growth and expansion.

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