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Meet Stan Morgan, a Great Analytical Talent,</br>and His Not So Secret Weapons

Meet Stan Morgan, a Great Analytical Talent,
and His Not So Secret Weapons

If you were to consider ideal qualities in an MOV (Motor Operated Valve) technician—one who you could trust implicitly with your facility—you might include characteristics like: great analytical mind, unflappable problem-solver, team player, sincere, and personable. Impossible? Not at all. Meet Stan Morgan, our Lead MOV Technician at Scallon Controls.
“I’m outgoing, very professional, and a straight shooter—someone who provides solutions to what our customers need. The key is that I spend a lot of time educating my customers, so that they can hone their own analytical skills and ultimately help me solve their problems. Once they understand the context of the issue, I can come prepared with the proper parts and mindset, allowing us to collaboratively participate in the solution. It’s a win-win, every time.”

Stan developed his skills and exceptional talent under exceptional circumstances. As someone who repaired fighter jets in the Marine Corps and served in the infantry, he had to read and commit to memory some of the information contained in 60-70 manuals, each roughly ten inches thick, to adequately troubleshoot and repair F/A 18 Hornets. “Once you’ve had to learn and perform in military operations where the stakes are unimaginably high, you appreciate the value of what you provide every day.”

After the military and as an early career technician, Stan learned to count on his intuition and creativity to develop his own style of diagnosis. His secret weapons: grease and a screwdriver! Using a visual grease test for thread wear from heavy use, as well as his sharp auditory skills to monitor any changes in the harmonic sound, he is able to determine the electric health of the motor and accurately predict failures before they occurred. This made him an overnight superstar. His ability to fully memorize manuals to learn about assemblies and actuation was also highly valued.
Because of his experience, talents, and tenaciousness, Stan was offered the opportunity to be the main MOV technician at one of the largest refinery cokers in Texas. Today, he’s still the lead technician for that same facility and is proud of his accomplishments, but now also acts as a mentor to another Scallon Controls technician at that site, as well as additional technicians throughout East and Southeast Texas. Stan sums up his work ethic, “If I’m perplexed by a particularly challenging problem, I actually dream about it. Overall, my job is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.”

Stan’s Advice to Junior Technicians:

Don’t overthink the problem.
If you overthink, you’ll overlook the problem.

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