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Heat Exchanger Application Heat Exchanger Application
How it Works

How it Works

The Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger application provides in-depth monitoring of shell and tube heat exchangers by analyzing plant sensor data gathered through existing infrastructure.

Leveraging pre-built algorithms based on decades of process experience and industry-vetted analytics, this solution delivers reliable predictive diagnostics.

Reduce Production Loss

Predictive and continuous heat exchanger monitoring helps optimize cleaning for enhanced production and energy efficiency.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Automated monitoring reduces costs caused by reactive maintenance.

Proactively Monitor KPIs

Continually calculate and track key  performance indicators like fouling, heavy duty, and heat transfer coefficient.

Insufficient Monitoring Has Impact on Operations

Heat Exchanger Failures Have a Major Business Impact
  • Unnoticed or increased heat exchanger fouling causes degraded performance and energy efficiency.
  • Reactive maintenance results 
    in 50% higher costs than preventative maintenance.*
  • Poor equipment reliability impacts HSSE in the form of safety incidents, regulatory fines and process shut downs.
Avoid Costly Damage with Greater Visibility
  • Fouling Monitoring provides early indication of fouling by comparing current heat transfer coefficient with baseline (newly cleaned).
  • Heat Duty Monitoring quickly recognizes when heating requirements change.
  • Cleaning Recommendations are based on high fouling and high dP or lost energy costs.
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