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A highly efficient, optimized plant starts with predictive intelligence sensing and controlling your process. Field intelligence provides a wealth of diagnostics and validated information to the system. This allows you to predict and prevent problems and make accurate control decisions.

Scallon Controls offers highly integrated solutions that enable your control system to solve plant challenges. Our experts will program and integrate DeltaV, DeltaV SIS, or any PLC system. New DeltaV S-series Electronic Marshalling technology delivers the flexibility to add I/O anywhere in the plant without affecting the control room cabinets. By using pre-integrated products designed to work together and employing services from initial conception to ongoing maintenance, we offer time savings, cost savings and faster start-ups.

Scallon can help you throughout your plant’s life cycle, including integration with Emerson Legacy Systems. We will interface to permit the rapid and easy migration from existing PLC systems to updated PlantWeb architecture and the DeltaV digital automation system, without replacing the existing installed I/O subsystems.

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