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Meet Stan Morgan, Lead MOV Technician

July 26, 2023
Meet Stan Morgan, a Great Analytical Talent with 'Not So Secret' Weapons
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Meet Stan Morgan, a Great Analytical Talent with 'Not So Secret' Weapons

“The key to my success is that I spend a lot of time educating customers, so that they can hone their own analytical skills and ultimately help me solve their problems. Once they understand the context, I come prepared with the proper parts and mindset, allowing us to collaboratively participate in the solution. It’s a win-win, every time.”
As a former Marine, Stan learned to memorize information contained in ten-inch thick manuals to adequately troubleshoot and repair F/A 18 Hornets. “Once you’ve had to learn and perform in military operations where the stakes are unimaginably high, you appreciate the value of what you provide every day.” That ability—to fully memorize and retain information about assemblies and actuation—translates to his success as an MOV Technician today.
Early in his career, Stan also learned to count on his intuition and creativity to develop his own style of diagnosis. His secret weapons: grease and a screwdriver! Using a visual grease test for thread wear, combined with his sharp auditory skills to monitor changes in the harmonic sound, he was able to accurately predict motor failures. This made him an overnight superstar.

Stan truly embraces his craft. “If I’m perplexed by a particularly challenging problem, I actually dream about it. Overall, my job is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.”
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