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Isolation & Actuation

Why a Major Terminal Facility Chose Scallon Controls

June 21, 2023
Made in The Great State of Texas

Made in The Great State of Texas

This major terminal facility had an enormous, mega-project out for bid. While this terminal facility was already a customer of Scallon Controls, the bid was open to anyone to win. Two key advantages led the customer to choose Scallon Controls as the vendor of choice for valves and electric actuators:
Reduced Risk:

While the bid winner’s contractor could have selected competitive valves made overseas, there would be no guarantee of delivery and quality. Emerson’s Vanessa™ valves (already known for high quality and reliable performance) are manufactured and assembled in Texas, so there was absolutely no question about inventory, shipping delays, or quality.


With control over the components, availability, and assembly process, we could meet their unique needs. Automation and customized fittings were able to be done in-house at Emerson’s facility in Sherman and, at Scallon Controls’ 20-acre campus in Beaumont. For this project, custom brackets as well as a 10ft stem extensions were also required.

Customers Rely on Scallon Controls for Electric Actuation

“Scallon offers best-in-class products, rapid response, and highly qualified technicians, all backed by our commitment to reducing emissions. Together, this makes us truly unique and special.” - Todd Langston, Valve & Equipment Business Leader.
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