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Virgo CIV Isolator Ball Valve
Virgo CIV Isolator Ball Valve
The Virgo CIV Isolator Ball Valve allows components in the system to be isolated for testing without the need to shut down the system.
Common uses include isolation of safety relief valves, pressure transmitters, gauges, and control valves. Fully welded construction virtually eliminates leak paths. Threaded configuration allows for easy installation vs. conventional piping.
Virgo CIV Isolator Ball Valve


Valve Size
NPT 1, NPT 2
2000 PSI - 1. 1500 PSI - 2
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
ANSI B1.02.1, BS21, DIN259/2999
MR 01-75 compliant


  • Fully welded construction to virtually eliminate leak potential
  • 316 stainless steel balls and stems
  • Full port main valve
  • Locking lever handles
  • Blow-out proof stems
  • Pressure 2000 PSI for 1"""" and 1500 PSI for 2""""
  • 71% reduction in leak paths vs. conventional piping
  • Easy installation