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Fisher™ L2 and L2sj Liquid Level Controllers
Fisher L2 and L2sj liquid level controllers use a displacer-type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities.
The reliability of the design makes these controllers well-suited for high pressure liquid level applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing.
Fisher™ L2 and L2sj Liquid Level Controllers


Area Classification
Group II Category 2 Gas and Dust
Data Interface
Max Outlet Pressure
35 psi / 50 psi
Mounting Type
Process Vessel Mounted
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Position Control
On/Off, Monitoring
Process Control
Supply Media
Air, Natural Gas
Other Configurations
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  • Two-stage proportional relay with integral action provides more dependable liquid level control.
  • O-ring friction and process pressure sensitivity are minimal. Performance stays constant with process pressure changes and controller remains vibration-resistant.
  • The displacer may be adjusted in the field for vertical or horizontal operation without additional parts.
  • The controller can be adjusted in the field for direct or reverse action without additional parts.
  • Sensor assembly is designed and specified for ASME B16.34 CL1500 service when using a Polyvinylchloride (PVC) displacer.
  • The ability to pipe away exhaust permits using natural gas as the operating medium.
  • Both the controller and the sensor can be easily disassembled to inspect the process seals and for maintenance.