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ASCO™ Series 224 Aseptic Valves
The ASCO Series 224 is designed to meet the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology most demanding requirements.
ASCO products range from standard forged valves to the most innovative block technology, where each valve is engineered to the highest standard. The valves include the most advanced Diaphragm technology, compliant with the relevant industry certifications, extending the service life, reducing the cost of ownership, and assuring the quality of the final product.
ASCO™ Series 224 Aseptic Valves


Size range
DN6 - DN100
Max service pressure
See the catalogue pages (dependent on options)
Max. service temperature
See the catalogue pages (dependent on options)
Min. service temperature
EPDM diaphragm: -30°C; PTFE diaphragm: -20°C
Operating mode for pneumatic actuated valve
Normally close, normally open, double acting
Corrosion resistance
Alcohol, chloride and most caustic washdowns.
Bonnet and Handwheel material
See the catalogue pages (dependent on options)
- Adjustable travel stop
- Autoclavable Rising stem
- Protective PPS cap
- Protective cap
- Brass stem bushing
- Visual position indicator
- Permanent lubrication
- O-ring seals


  • Manual or pressure operated aseptic valve, designed for the bioprocessing industry.
  • The diaphragm separates the operator from the fluid and ensures safety and quality of the final product.
  • Forged body complies with stainless steel 316L, 1.4435 sulfur controlled to ASME BPE standards, and contain under 0.5% of ferrite.
  • Resistant to standard washroom protocols, this valve is the compact, autoclavable solution for Pharmaceutical / Bioprocessing applications.
  • Modular compressor designed for quick changeover between PTFE and elastomer diaphragm.
  • Suite for severe duty applications, such as SIP and high cycle applications.
  • Autoclavable (steam at 125°C for 25 minutes).
  • Designed for sampling and other low flow, high value processes like bioreactors, chromatography systems, and filtration skids.