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RMS Indicator Facies Modelling
RMS Indicator Facies Modeling lets you quickly and easily build and continuously maintain 3D facies models conditioned to thousands of wells and 3D seismic data. This flexible tool can run with minimal user data, use additional geological information and accommodate unlimited amounts of well data. With straightforward setup and the ability to use seismic or trends to refine the model, you now have a fast and reliable foundation for superior reservoir management and decision-making.
RMS Indicator Facies Modelling


Operating System
Operating System
Windows XP/Vista/7
64bit Windows PC
Windows XP x64/Vista x64/7 x64
64bit Linux PC
Linux Redhat v4 and v5


  • Handle very large numbers of wells quickly and efficiently
  • Quickly and accurately produce simple models
  • Easily produce more complex models by integrating a variety of 1D, 2D and 3D geological trends
  • Expand usage with the ability to condition the model to seismic data
  • Minimize training and learning curve with a straightforward modeling process and an intuitive interface
  • Improve flexibility by conditioning the model to seismic data