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Enhance Your DeltaV™ Upgrade

April 16, 2024
“Scallon replaced our previously outdated control system with modern DeltaV™ technology, which included a strategic software implementation plan. This modernization project increased our output by 40%, enabling us to be more efficient and profitable. We’re now ready to duplicate that effort—and those results—at our next plant.”
—Operations Manager, Batch Process Customer
This long-time chemical manufacturer chose to replace its outdated control system with DeltaV for several reasons: modern hardware and software, cybersecurity benefits, and because the DeltaV Batch software would automate their manually driven process. Now, the batch software changes valves and steps in the process automatically within the DeltaV software configuration—removing time, guesswork, and room for error.

The Result: An Incredible 40% Increase in Output!
How do we know? The customer looks at their operations totals every day to keep track of those metrics. 

Custom Batch Software Enhances DeltaV™ Upgrade

Emerson’s batch process experts took the lead on developing the custom software configuration, while Scallon put its engineering team to work on all other aspects of the project, including:

  • FEED study
  • Project design
  • Hardware procurement, installation, & configuration
  • Controller replacements
  • Graphics configuration
  • Transitioning between the old & new software configurations
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