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Fisher™ 64 Series High-Pressure Regulators - LP-Gas
64 Series adjustable regulators usually reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure for use by another regulator.
They may be used as high-pressure regulators on distribution systems when used in conjunction with first-stage downstream regulators. When equipped with an internal relief valve (64SR Series), the regulator may be used as a final-stage regulator on high-pressure systems. 64KB Series has a special PTFE diaphragm protector that makes it suitable for anhydrous ammonia NH3 service
Fisher™ 64 Series High-Pressure Regulators - LP-Gas


Body Size and End Connection Style
1/2-inch NPT
Gauge Outlet
1/4-inch NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure
250 psig / 17,2 bar
Maximum Emergency Outlet Pressure
220 psig / 15,2 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges
3 to 100 psig / 207 mbar to 6,9 bar in four ranges
Temperature Capabilities
-20° to 150°F / -29° to 66°C
Approximate Weight
2.25 Pounds / 1 kg


  • Versatility
  • Body Side Connection
  • Easy Maintenance
  • UL Listed