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Fisher™ Type N201 Automatic Cylinder Filling Valve
Fisher Type N201 automatic cylinder filling valve provides an accurate and economical means of filling cylinders.
The assembly comes completely piped up and includes special parts that allow the slide weight on the scale to move to zero. A red button appears in the indicator on top of the Type N201 each time a cylinder is filled to the desired weight. Operated by air pressure, it is designed for beam type scales and requires no electrical or mechanical power.
Fisher™ Type N201 Automatic Cylinder Filling Valve


Filling Capacity
112 pounds per minute / 51 kg/min propane at 30 psig / 2,1 bar differential
Type of Scale
Beam type only, not suitable for use with dial type scales
Inlet Connection
1/2-inch FNPT, attaches to filling manifold
Outlet Connection
1/2-inch FNPT


  • Scale Balance
  • Requires No Electrical or Mechanical Power for Operation