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KTM Model 328/628 Capro Type Ball Valves
Model 328/628 Capro Type Ball Valves
High quality requirements and technical standards of the chemical industry have been used as basic design parameters for these full bore ball valves
KTM Model 328/628 Capro Type Ball Valves


Regional, PED, Fugitive Emission, CE
End Connection
Crude Blending, Crude and Product Transfer, Cleaning & Processing, Chemical Injection/Flow Assurance, Clean Steam, Chemical Dispersion, Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution, Storage & Distribution, Storage, Steam Headers, Separation, Reactor
Body Design
Side Entry, Short Pattern
316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Operating Temperature
Less Than 200 C
Pressure Class
Process Connection Type
300RF, 150RF, PN25, PN16, Flanged, CL300RF, CL150RF, PN40
Seat/Seal Type
Soft Seal, Ball
Shutoff Class
API 598, Zero Leakage
ASME B16.34, API 608
Valve Size
NPS 1 / DN 25, NPS 1-1/2 / DN 40, NPS 2 / DN 50, NPS 4 / DN 100, NPS 6 / DN 150, NPS 8 / DN 200, NPS 3 / DN 80
Valve Size Standard
Valve Type
Ball, Floating Ball Valve
Water Glycol, Water, Vacuum, Oxygen, NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia), NH3, Natural Gas, Mineral Oil, LPG, Liquids, Liquid Propane, Steam, Liquid, Light Oil, Liquid Propane Gas, Fuel Oil, Hot Water, Air, Aggressive Liquids/Gases, CNG, Air, Inert Gas, Ammonia


  • Full bore two piece ball valve.
  • Internally mounted blow out proof stem.
  • Anti static to ISO 7121.
  • Different gland packing configurations.
  • Actuator mounting flange acc. DIN/ISO 5211.
  • Face-to-face dimensions to DIN/EN 558-1 Series 27.
  • Fugitive emission free packing TA-Luft VDI 2440.
  • Encapsulated body seal.
  • Various options available:<ul><li>double gland packing with monitoring port</li><li>stem extensions</li><li>spring mounted seat</li><li>heating jacket also for installed valves</li><li>fire safe