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Keystone Series V11 Butterfly Valves
Series V11 Butterfly Valves
These instructions must be fully read and understood before beginning maintenance.
Keystone Series V11 Butterfly Valves


Ballast Control
Body Design
Short Pattern
Carbon Steel, Cast Iron
Operating Temperature
Up to 250 F (120 C)
Pressure Class
Seat/Seal Type
Shutoff Class
Zero Leakage
Valve Size
NPS 10 / DN 250, NPS 8 / DN 200, NPS 6 / DN 150, NPS 24 / DN 600, NPS 18 / DN 450, NPS 16 / DN 400, NPS 14 / DN 350, NPS 12 / DN 300, NPS 20 / DN 500, NPS 4 / DN 100, NPS 2-1/2 / DN 65
Valve Size Standard
Valve Type
Fuel Oil, Liquid, Liquids


  • The concentric disc offers bi-directional service and allows high Cv values with its symmetric shape
  • Primary seal is formed by the disc hub and stem top, the seat contact exceeds the pressure rating of the valve
  • Secondary stem seal is suitable for high pressure and is self-adjusting
  • Disc hub edge are rounded and hand polished to provide full concentric sealing without seat obstruction to flow, combined with maximum seat life
  • Replacement seat isolates the stem and body parts from the stream and also serves as the flange gasket
  • Moulded-in O-ring provides positive flange sealing and eliminates the need for gasket
  • Double flanged body design specified according to JIS F7480
  • Heavy duty top bushing absorbs side thrust and torque loads
  • Stainless steel disc screws allow quick and easy disassembly
  • Factory testing of every valve at full rating ensures 100% tight shut-off
  • Type approved by various major shipping class