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Get Advice at the Device™</br>With the DVC7K Get Advice at the Device™</br>With the DVC7K
The Future Is Here With the DVC7K

The Future Is Here With the DVC7K

The DVC7K is an ideal choice for upgrading or designing new systems. This new generation of FIELDVUE technology includes: game-changing ‘Advice at the Device', real-time on-board diagnostics available 24/7, and a variety of other standard diagnostic tools with advanced communication protocols.
Meaningful and Actionable Advice at the Device
The DVC7K focuses on the three most critical control valve issues: travel deviation, supply pressure, and drive signal. Key features include:
  • Local User Interface (LUI) home screen provides immediate visual indication and alerts with recommended troubleshooting tips
  • LED Status Indicator (red/green) has default alerts for travel deviation, supply pressure, and drive signal
  • Enhanced Control Algorithms allow optimum accuracy of device positioning
  • Plug and Play Installation with a mechanical form and function equivalent to the DVC6200
  • Technician-friendly Design makes it one less thing to worry about during troubleshooting procedures
<span style="color:#00488e;">Install, Use, and Upgrade With Ease</span>
Install, Use, and Upgrade With Ease

With identical hardware, the DVC6200 can be swapped out for the DVC7K quickly and easily. The DVC7K features diagnostic tier step-ups and easy software downloads for access to additional features in the future. With the human-centered design and quick guided setup, you’ll be able to have the DVC7K configured in no time.

<span style="color:#00488e;">Built for Severe Environments</span>
Built for Severe Environments
The DVC7K is weathertight and can be easily mounted on valve bodies, or further away as needed, and is safe to use in environments with flammable vapors. The high performance, linkage-less feedback system eliminates physical contact, which reduces wear on parts, maximizing lifecycle.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DPC2K<br>Digital Process Controller</span>

Digital Process Controller

An electro-pneumatic PID controller that can replace pneumatic controllers to meet your single continuous PID loop needs. The DPC2K has been designed to provide application flexibility through simple configuration and high speed network communications, for your next expansion or modernization project.
  • Puts simple control at the valve
  • Saves time and money with integrated packaging, quick configuration, and application flexibility
  • Includes field intelligence to enhance safety, responsiveness, and productivity
  • Provides process data previously not available via game-changing Ethernet connectivity
  • Transforms operations by upgrading technology from pneumatics to electro-pneumatic
  • Addresses regulatory and climate issues by leveraging low bleed technologies and adding control to electric actuation
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<span style="color:#00488e;">Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ 4400<br>Digital Position Transmitter</span>

Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ 4400
Digital Position Transmitter

The Fisher FIELDVUE 4400 digital position transmitter senses the position of rotary or sliding-stem valves, vents, dampers, or other devices. It provides a precise non-contact feedback to indicate equipment position with a percent (%) of span plus on/off indication. The 4400 provides 4-20 mA position feedback, is SIL 2 capable, and has two 1-amp NAMUR design solid-state limit switches.
  • Local push button calibration
  • Linkage-less non-contact position sensing reduces mechanical wear
  • Valve Performance diagnostics
  • Communication flexibility using FDI and EDDL
  • Leverages FIELDVUE instrument mounting kits
  • Applies to a broad range of applications
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<span style="color:#00488e;">Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ L2t</br>Liquid Level Controller</span>

Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ L2t
Liquid Level Controller

The Fisher FIELDVUE L2t level controller is part of the rugged L2 series of liquid level controllers. It uses a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities. This controller is ideal for level on gas separators and scrubber applications. The L2t design is an environmentally conscious solution with zero emissions.
  • Throttling control reduces equipment wear and creates smooth and continuous control by eliminating the full-stroke cycling associated with discrete control
  • Factory calibrated, simplifying setup
  • Field upgrades require no mechanical changes to vessels equipped with standard 2 NPT connections
  • A zero-emission solution that exceeds regulatory requirements and mitigates environmental concerns when used with electric actuation
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