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Fisher™ Type N563 Emergency Shutoff Valve
Type N563 Snappy Joe™ High Flow Emergency Shutoff Valves (ESVs) are designed for railcar protection during product transfer of Propane, Butane, and other Pressurized Fluids.
It is attached to the shutoff valve on railroad tank cars. Type N563?s high flow reduces loading/unloading time by up to 50%. It has a 2-inch FNPT coupling allowing the user the flexibility to install the desired length of 2-inch NPT piping to fit the tank dome.

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Fisher™ Type N563 Emergency Shutoff Valve


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles (inlet x outlet)
N563-16: 2-inch FNPT x 2-inch FNPT
N563-26: 2-inch FNPT x 3-1/4 male ACME
Maximum Inlet Pressure
400 psig / 27.6 bar WOG
Elastomer options
Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, Kalrez®, Neoprene(CR), Teflon®, and Viton®
Thermal Release Melt Point
212°F / 100°C
Approximate Weight
FNPT Outlet: 12 lbs / 5.4 kg
Acme Outlet: 14.5 lbs / 6.6 kg


  • Shutoff in event of fire
  • Remote shutoff capability
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Light Weight
  • Application Flexibility
  • Hex couplings and ACME connections for ease of piping assembly
  • Fusible Element Provides Thermal Release
  • Fusible Element Provides Thermal Release