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Fisher™ 480 Series Yokeless Piston Actuators
Fisher 480 series actuators are yokeless piston actuators that are used in either throttling or on/off applications with ball valves, Butterfly valves, louvers, dampers, and rheostats.
They require pneumatic pressure loading from double-acting positioners or from on/off loading and unloading devices.
Fisher™ 480 Series Yokeless Piston Actuators


Double-acting, Quarter-turn, Rotary
Control Type
Power Source
Valve Type
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Louver, Damper, Rheostats
Other Configurations
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  • Actuator with or without positioners and snubbers is available in an assortment of sizes, stroking speeds, thrusts, and travels to handle most control requirements.
  • Yokeless construction permits a low-profile assembly by allowing close coupling to the control device; either through a bracket or by direct-mounting on a bonnet flange.
  • The cylinder can operate with supply pressures as low as 2.4 bar (35 psig) or as high as 10.3 bar (150 psig).
  • Actuators have maximum rated travels of up to 206 mm (8.125 in).
  • Positioner/actuator action is easily reversed in the field with no additional parts. Positioner sensitivity, travel span, and travel starting point are factory set and need to be reset only if operating conditions have changed or if the positioner has be