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Damcos™ Indicators
damcos indicators
Verify your marine actuator positions with complete accuracy.
Damcos offers both a Direct Position Indicator (DPI), a Direction Flow Indicator (DFI) and a Volumetric Position Indicator (VPI) both designed to fit Damcos program. All indicator types are available for On/Off applications. DPI and VPI with pressure/temperature compensation provides use in analogue application as well.
Damcos™ Indicators


Product Program
Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel
Electrical Feedback
Electrical switch/Ohm Potentiometer
675 bar


  • Direct indicator D/DPI, indicating directly on the actuator spindle
  • D/DPI Set point adjustment is performed without dismounting
  • D/DPI could be mounted in different blocks
  • DPI mounting in LPU is made with only internal wiring
  • Use of precision potentiometer or micro switches
  • Indirect indicator VPI and DFI is indicating actuator movement remotely, typically placed on a manifold with a solenoid valve
  • All indicators are a simple apparatus and can be placed in hazardous area, when connected to a safety barrier
  • VPI comes with different gears matching actuator size and pipe length
  • VPI is available in different materials and setups for dry and deck installation
  • VPI is available with pressure and temperature compensation