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Hawk simply works the way you want it to work.

The Hawk has a simple, modular design. With fewer moving parts, devices suffer less wear and tear over time. Preventative maintenance is required less often, and it is easier: Hawk’s innovative design provides convenient access to key components. Its use of electronics̶and a hydraulic pump ̶results in faster, more precise actuation. Bottom line: Hawk delivers safe, reliable and energy efficient operation of isolation and control valves.
MEA Hawk Electro-Hydraulic Actuator


Power Supply
24VDC / 120VAC / 208VAC / 240VAC / 480VAC
Input Options
4-20mA / Pulse
ESD or Power Loss Failure
Open or Closed via Spring or Accumulator
Operating Temperatures (Actuator)
-20ºF ‒ 130ºF (-29ºC ‒ 55ºC) (Std)
Operating Temperature (Controls)
-20ºF ‒ 120ºF (-29ºC ‒ 49ºC) (Std)
Position Feedback
Non-Contact Electro-Magnetic Feedback ‒ Passive 4-20mA Feedback (Std)
Limit Switches
Programmable Electronic (Std)


  • Drop-in replacement - Reuses existing yoke, mounting holes, and wiring.
  • Latest Technology - Faster, more accurate, virtually leakproof design.
  • User Friendly - Easy to install, calibrate, and maintain.
  • Additional Information - Position feedback, alarms, and diagnostics.
  • Customizable Setup - Customizable opening/closing speeds, and failure modes.
  • Low Power Consumption - The motor only runs when the actuator respositions.