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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Series F2569/F3869/F5069 Primary Isolation Valves
Series F2569/F3869/F5069 Primary Isolation Valves
Two piece full bore ball isolation in a double block and bleed configuration range for process to instrument primary isolation applications


  • Compact design provides 55% less weight and 60% of envelope size when compared to fabricated arrangement.
  • Face-to-face length means no unnecessary change to existing installation when replacing a single isolation valve to ASME B16.10 length for class 600 and above.
  • Single body joint means fewer potential leak paths and a safer, more practical arrangement.
  • DBB assembly provides up to 65% installation time reduction against some traditional methods with fewer connections necessary.
  • Provides security with double isolation barrier on process connection to valve outlet.