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ASCO™ Numatics Series GS Gantry Slides
The Numatics Series GS gantry slides are designed for pneumatic systems that handle heavier loads and travel greater distances.
Their technology features a moving carriage between two fixed tool bars. The carriage is supported and guided by four bearings and two hardened guide shafts.
ASCO™ Numatics Series GS Gantry Slides


Pipe / Port Size
1/8 "; 1/4 "
1 1/2; 2; 1 1/16;
34-Inch Max
Operating Environment
Corrosive; Hazardous; Indoor; Outdoor; Washdown


  • Carriage is hard-coat anodized aluminum for lightweight, durable construction
  • Patented Numate™ mounting system enables direct mounting for slides, grippers, and gantries
  • Tooling bars are precision machined with easy access mounting holes along with tapped holes for shock absorbers
  • Steel reinforced rod wipers assure protection of bearings from environmental contamination
  • Choice of large diameter hardened steel or stainless steel guide shafts, which are ground and polished for smooth cycling and low breakaway, offering increased load capacity
  • Optional Hall effect and reed sensors