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EasyHeat™ Freeze Free™ Cable Accessories
EasyHeat™ Freeze Free™ accessories are designed to integrate seamlessly with your FreezeFree™ self-regulating pipe heating cables.
They include the EH38 pre-set thermostat, HCA application tape and CS caution labels.
EasyHeat™ Freeze Free™ Cable Accessories


EH38 Pre-Set Thermostat is UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards


  • For Residential Applications
  • The EH38 pre-set thermostat controls other electrical devices that need to be activated when the temperature approaches the freezing point. It is rated at 15 Amps, with resistive load at 125 Vac
  • The EH38 pre-set thermostat automatically energizes the heating cable at temperatures lower than +38 °F (+3 °C) and turns off at +50 °F (+10 °C). It eliminates the need for unplugging heating cables each spring, and reduces the risk of frozen pipes
  • The EH38 power indicator light confirms that power is flowing to the cable
  • The HCA application tape is the best tape to use with Freeze Free™ cable
  • The HCA application tape is packaged one per carton and measures 0.5 in x 30 ft. 30 ft (9.14 m) of clear tape, rated for temperature so as not to lose its adhesive properties, and is printed with the words ELECTRICALLY HEATED PIPE for easy identification
  • CS caution labels reduce the possibility of accidents and liability with easy-to-read caution labels
  • CS caution labels are packaged five per bag
  • All have a one year limited warranty