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ASCO™ Series J Miniature Pressure Switches
The ASCO Series J are economical miniature pressure switches with tamperproof, factory-set, non-adjustable set points and fixed deadbands.
The switches are sealed with specially compounded epoxy that maintains their integrity from -40° F to 250° F and resists dust, water, oil, and salt spray throughout their operating range.
ASCO™ Series J Miniature Pressure Switches


Standards / Regulations
CSA, Type 1, Type 4, UL
Pipe / Port Size
1/8 "; 1/4 "


  • Vented construction for stable set points throughout its operating range
  • Vibration and shock resistant to 10 G´s
  • Precision electrical snap-action switch
  • CSA approved and UL listed under "Industrial Control Equipment"