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ASCO™ Series 991 Data Acquisition Software
The ASCO Series 991 DaS Data Acquisition Software is designed to simplify configuration and setup on ASCO proportional valves.
The software should be used when a proportional valve´s standard setting is not adapted to your application. The Data Acquisition Software and the connection via USB or RS 232 interface allow the PID controller to be optimally adjusted to the control loop.


  • Enables proportional valve parameter set-up: factory-set or customised
  • Generates steps and creates ramps
  • Scope functions include view set-point, outlet pressure, and internal signals from the PID control
  • DaS software is compatible with the following ASCO proportional valves: SentronicD, SentronicPLUS, SentronicLP and ServotronicDIGITAL