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RMS Fault Seal Analysis
RMS Streamline analysis
Despite the significant impact on reservoir compartmentalization and communication, fault properties are often not modeled as part of the reservoir-modeling workflow.
Instead, reservoir engineers typically apply simulation modifiers to account for observed production differences. RMSTM Fault Seal Analysis resolves this issue by enabling the required fault seal analysis to take place as early as possible in the overall reservoir modeling workflow.
RMS Fault Seal Analysis


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Gain advanced visualization of fault-zone properties
  • Apply SGR curves from fault properties databases as input
  • Obtain fault-transmissibility multipliers from published algorithms
  • Use result directly in the integrated reservoir simulator and Fault Seal Analysis, and/or export to external simulators
  • Benefit immediately with  a truly integrated system that is easy to use