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PipelineDashboard is a highly configurable platform offering a suite of application widgets developed to display key aspects of pipeline management and operational data in a format that users will understand.
PipelineDashboard is a business intelligence tool for faster, better decisions. Display key pipeline and commercial product data from multiple applications in a single browser window on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


  • Enterprise-wide Internet/Intranet access to pipeline�data�— available 24/7 at the office, in the field, from home or while traveling with your mobile device. Key people across your entire organization can securely access common data
  • No more logging into multiple disparate applications; reviewing hard copy reports; or calling other departments for the data you need to make critical decisions
  • Data from multiple applications presented in a consolidated view for a more comprehensive understanding of the status of your pipeline and your operations
  • Secure, controlled access to data from multiple applications without having to have the application installed on your computer
  • Present data in at-a-glance formats – many potentially of which may not be available in the original point application (e.g. real time gauges, dials, graphs, etc.)
  • Data from different sources manipulated to provide derived views not available in point applications
  • Operational widgets include: conditions now, real time pressure and flow, gas quality and inventory limits, scheduled vs actual energy, and operational GIS and map data
  • Commercial widgets include: revenue trend, MTD revenue, throughput by shipper and tank, daily ticket volume, monthly nominations trend, and monthly delivery trend