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V425 Inductive Tachometer
Self-powered and primarily used with an online monitoring system because of its tight installation requirements.
V425 Inductive Tachometer


1 AC Cycle per Revolution/Gear Tooth
Output Voltage
8 to 190 V P-P
Air Gap
0.127 mm (0.005") Nominal
Maximum Operating Frequency
15 kHz (900,000 cpm)
Gear Pitch Range
24 DP (Module 1.06) or Coarser
Optimal Gear Pitch Range
20 DP (Module 1.06) Ferrous Metal Gear
Minimum Surface Speed
250 mm/s (10 ips)
70 g (2.5 oz) Sensor Only
Operating Temperature
-55 to 121°C (-67 to 250°F)


  • Options available for both machinery protection systems and predictive monitoring systems
  • Available for tight installations, portability and magnetic mounting
  • Laser detection works up to 30' without reflective tape on both clean and dirty shafts