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Major Refinery Turns to Scallon Controls for Reliable, Local Support of Its Online Protection System

November 15, 2023
Your Protection System is the failsafe of your machine; keeping it functioning and in good condition is imperative. Finding a reliable, local resource to maintain your system, flexible enough to work within your outage schedule, is another story. Sourcing an approved vendor at a reasonable price—with no idle time charges—is pretty much a dream.

See how this customer sleeps soundly because Scallon Controls has the expertise to service any Online Protection System. Read the story.

“We chose Scallon Controls because of the cost savings and high level of customer service and confidence. We incurred no travel time or per diem charges (which amounts to quite a bit for larger three-week long projects), and quick response—from phone call to arriving onsite—if emergency work was needed. One long-term benefit is having an established relationship to help us respond to changing needs, whether a technical question or replacing components in the field.”
—Turnaround Planning Group Leader

Reasons for Selecting Scallon Controls

Local Footprint
Ownership and Pride
Technical Expertise

If You Are Looking for Specialists To Maintain Your Online Protection System,
Look No Further Than Your Local Experts at Scallon Controls…and Sleep Soundly!

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