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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Series HM1C Hand Valves
Series HM1C Hand Valves
A large ⅝” (16mm) bore, straight-through and roddable bi-directional flow valve for pressures to 3500 psig (241 barg)


  • Plug stem end provides bubble-tight shutoff and ensures long valve life.
  • Replaceable/repairable seat ensures long, safe and economically installed valve life.
  • Large handle ensures ease of operation.
  • All valves pressure tested prior to shipment. Material traceability on body is standard on request.
  • PTFE packing is easily adjustable in the field.
  • All packing is below the threads to eliminate contamination by the process, ensure smooth valve operation and long service life.
  • Safety back seating prevents accidental stem blowout and removal under pressure.
  • Upgraded bonnet lock plate prevents accidental removal under pressure.
  • Standard dust cover ensures long service.
  • Wide variety of inlet and outlet configurations and materials.