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Fisher Control Valves
Forever Keeping Process Control Safe, Efficient, and Intuitive

Forever Keeping Process Control Safe, Efficient, and Intuitive

Fisher Control Valves 140 years of innovation. 
  • Scallon is a market leader and has represented Fisher Controls valves since 1976
  • Experienced technicians with factory trained certifications
    • Some with over 30 years experience

Fisher Service Center

Our Fisher Service Center has over 30 years of local service and support for the Golden Triangle. Providing both Field service and Turnaround services utilizing over 20 factory trained technicians. Our state of the are testing and machining affords us the ability to repair and return valves in a more efficient manner and in some cases same day delivery. We can test up to a 36” valve without the need to install test flanges, as well as machine up to a 48” valve in our vertical or horizonal machines. Our local 24 hours service support allows us to be on site in a two hour timeframe which minimizes the down time the customer is experiencing. We offer in-line valve and instrument diagnostics that predict current or future failures as well optimize the application for better control. Performing the repairs locally, reduces the time and allows our customers the opportunity to visit the shop and review the repairs.
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Fisher Family of Products

Extensive Local Inventory

Extensive Local Inventory

Scallon Controls has extensive local inventory for Fisher Control Valves. We are prepared and equipped for a quick turnaround or emergency plant failure.